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Where are you located?

We are located on the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA.

Can I buy an animal from you if I am not in Australia?

No.  It is illegal for us to export animals out of Australia.

Can I come and see your animals?

No.  Due to strict quarantine and security measures we do not accept visitors.  If you are interested in buying we can supply you with multiple photos and answer any questions.

Can you freight interstate?

Yes, we regularly freight animals out of Victoria to other Australia states.  We will organise a Victorian export permit and require you to organise and supply us with a copy your import permit/movement advice relevant to your state.  We use a third party company for air freight around Australia - cost paid by buyer.

Are GTPs hard to keep?

Like any animal, you MUST do your research before getting a Green Tree Python.  They have very specific husbandry requirements and require a high level of care to thrive.  Please see our Resources page for information on GTPs.

Do you do payment plans?

No.  Please contact us when you are able to pay in full.

Do you take deposits for animals before they are ready for sale

No.  We only accept money when animals are ready to go.

Please contact us if your question wasn’t included or addressed in the information provided.

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